About the WYA Team
Sadia Hussain, General Manager Sadia came to Wycombe Youth Action in August 2016 with over 20 years experience youth and community engagement.   Email: sadia@wycombeyouthaction.co.uk  
  Haseeb Nawaz, Project Officer Haseeb has been a member of the Wycombe Youth Action team for a year and half. His journey during this time has seen his role develop from a Project Officer to a combined Project Officer and Connexions Personal Advisor. Within this role, Haseeb supports young people who are not in employment, education and training in developing the skills they need to get back into education/employment. Projects that Haseeb has been responsible for include conservation and construction projects, and he aspires to complete a project around his main interests of cars & mechanics in the future!   Haseeb has a real passion for supporting his local community.
“it truly is a priceless feeling being able to support young people in achieving their goals. Working for WYA has allowed me to build links with the young people within our community, and understand their mindsets to help identify how we can support them further”.
Email: Haseeb@wycombeyouthaction.co.uk
  Kwakz, Mentor Kwakz has been working for Wycombe Youth Action for just over a year, initially acting as a guest speaker on the Blink Effect project where he provided young people an insight into his experiences of the music industry, and held workshops on motivation and the fear of failure. Since then, Kwakz has provided mentoring support to young people identified to be at risk of gangs, working to help them identify their individual skills and talents. Kwakz currently attends Bucks New University where he is completing a BA Hons degree in Music Performance Management, and also has his own music label, Duck Muzik.   Kwakz has a real passion for helping young people from disadvantaged backgrounds understand their potential.
“if I didn't have someone who I was able to relate to step into my life and point me in the right direction, I don’t know whether I would still be on the wrong path myself now. Here at W.Y.A, we do just that – we engage with the youth who are struggling in our community with real problems and need help.”
Biyi Desalu, Volunteer Biyi first became involved in the Charity as a social media volunteer, offering support from his own experiences in online business and marketing. He become further involved as guest speaker for the Blink Effect and WY.TV YouTube projects, where he caught the W.Y.A bug! Since then, Biyi has been responsible for the running and development of the WY.TV YouTube project, and is currently working with Ben on a project providing mentoring support to young people with low self-esteem.   Since starting with Wycombe Youth Action, Biyi feels that he has learnt a lot about working with young people, and particularly how to mentor them.
"a lot of young people just need someone to listen to them and it can be a real boost to their self-esteem when they get that at W.Y.A. Hopefully I can be one of the voices that lets them know just how much potential they have".